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Chad Herring

My father has just had back surgery a couple of months ago, and I ask for you to put in a prayer for him, to help him with the unbearable pain that he is going through at this time. Thank you very much

Received: February 12, 2017

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Stuart Allum

A friends daughter, Adrienne, was in a serious car accident this past weekend and needs prayers as she is in very critical condition. Please pray for God's hand in her recovery and for His strength for her parents.

Received: February 8, 2017

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Carrie Soles

Please pray for Adrienne and her family

Adrienne's accident details:

Traumatic aorta dissection; not stable enough for surgery as she is still losing blood & being transfused. She is throwing blood clots now & they did a bedside surgical procedure today to put a filter near her heart to catch clots. Hopefully, they can do the testing they need to do for the aortic surgery later this week. She is in a coma and will remain intubated.

Had Surgery upon arrival: small & large intestine resection. Saw surgeon, said catastrophic damage with no outcome discussed yet.

Possible broken ankle. Waiting on xray results. Fractured ribs and back.

Lacerated liver, kidneys, spleen were repaired during surgery.

The other female driver is in ICU here also & has had surgery & more to come possibly (not as critical as Adrienne).

Estimated impact speed 70 MPH plus, head-on. She was life-flighted here & bypassed ER & was taken straight to surgery. The ICU doc said if she survives, this will be a month(s) long hospital stay as she is the most critical patient in the hospital.

We remain hopeful and know that God loves her and we will trust in Him through this journey.

Received: February 7, 2017

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Donna Pieper

Please circle my newest great grandson Brody (and his mommy) with prayer to help fight an infection that developed while he was still in the womb, resulting in an unscheduled C-section this past Sunday (born at 36 weeks). From his grandma (my step daughter) today... "Jamie (mommy) came home last night... Brody is still in NICU and may be there a couple more weeks. He doesn't feel well and is sick with an infection. Jamie can't even hold him as they told her he's in pain.. she can only touch him long enough to change his diaper. He is on antibiotics and they're waiting for his blood culture to come back...Jamie is doing VERY well with the C-section part (PTL). She had a hard time leaving him behind. Not sure about updates.. they just kind of come as they know things..."

Received: January 25, 2017

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andy petrunich

Prayer warriors, please put my Aunt Francis and my Uncle Johnny in your prayers. He was admitted to the hospital Christmas day and is on the mend, she had a stroke the day after Christmas. Strength and healing for them, God's peace and strength for the entire family.

This is from my cousin Andra. My Aunt Francis had a stroke, we moved my mom to a rehab facility and we're hoping to see some kind of improvement. She still has no movement on her left side. We have 100 days to decide the next step in her care. So many prayers needed for my mom and dad.

Friend of mine, Ethan Duckworth father has passed away, he has been ill with cancer for awhile. Strength and God's peace for him, his mom and their family.

My mom, still trying to recover from the flu, no further complications

Received: January 18, 2017

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Mike Dawson

Please pray for my niece Brittni. She just had a baby at 29 weeks. Colton is his name and he only weighs 2.13 pounds. They live in Warner Robins Georgia and have taking the baby to the NICU in Macon. Both mom and baby are doing fine at this point. Please pray for both of them.

Received: January 11, 2017

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Prayed for 7 times.

Linden Stokes

Please add my son Sawyer Stokes to your prayers. He was born on 12/14/16, there was complications during his birth he was born with HIE (lack of oxygen). He had to be rushed from rockdale medical to qwinnett medical to be put on a cooling cap for 72 hours, that is supposed to stop any other brain damage from occurring. He stayed at qwinnett medical for 7 days, then he was able to be transferred back to rockdale. He is still in the NICU today. He has made big strives in recovering but still has a ways to go.

Received: January 6, 2017

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Prayed for 3 times.

Chandler Cottingham

My grandpa Ralph Williamson was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and he gets results on December 27 to see if it spread please pray for him in hopes it did not spread

Received: December 24, 2016

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Thressie Venning

My step-mom, Charlotte Wormwood, passed away Dec 19, at the age of 93. She is in the arms of Jesus, but my heart still hurts. Please pray for my family. We hope to go to New York in May for a celebration.

Received: December 20, 2016

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Prayed for 2 times.

Barbara Mooney

Please add to your prayers, Amy Emmet. She is having seizures and the doctors haven't found a cause. She lives in California. She is the sister of a friend, Lynn Ross who lives in Georgia.

Received: December 12, 2016

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