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I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.


Please pray for the team beginning our Good News Bible Club at Grayson Elementary today. Pray that we will touch the lives of the children we meet there and show them the love of Jesus!

Received: October 18, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 7 times.

Sunday AM Prayer Requests 10/17/2011

Kathleen Hammack - dear friend has cancer and has been told he only has a few months to live. He has 4 children.

Erin Hennessey - strength/courage

Meg & Ben Weldon - Please pray for me and my family as we go through this difficult time.

Carol Edwards - for financial stability; working two jobs and still can't catch up. And for my son-in-law's wolfhound group in Afghanistan. They lost a LTC last night. We just want him home safe for R&R in 2 weeks.

Rachel Fleming - Percy Marchman, just moved to hospice, and pray for God's will and his family during this time.

Patricia Brooks - my son at college

Nicole Neighbors - accepting changes that God is making in my life and knowing they are better than mine.

Andy Petrunich - Mackenzie Mercier, 15 year old, cancer in stomach and knees. Operation Monday at 7:00am and radiation treatments start on Wednesday.

Lori King - I have a co-worker's grandson, Andrew Strickland, he's 13 years old and was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. He's had lymphoma and a liver transplant already in his young life. He is a very brave young boy. Please pray for God's healing hands.

Kara Guthrie - My dad has a staph infection. Please pray for him to get better.

David & Lisa Hennessey - Challenging time for our ministry, Youth Reach International

Brian Waddell - unspoken

Jim Thorpe - Please pray for Jacky as she has gotten worse since she has been home. Please pray for us as this is really hard for us.

Anonymous - Pray my sister and husband come to know Jesus.

Laura Motes - Vikki Walker, my daughter, away from God.

Stu & Mitzi Freidus - William Carter, son, having intestinal problems, throwing up his bowels, and has a doctor's appointment on Monday. Also, for son Andrew for a permanent job position.

Chris & Toni Dimas - for my cousin Garrett and Uncle Larry who have no idea who God is or what grace means. Put people and relationships in their life to show them God's goodness and grace.

Matthew Newcomer - Thank you for praying for my Uncle John. I am asking if you all can still pray for him, he is making some bad choices. Thank you. I am also praying for my dad; he fell off a ladder and is in the hospital.

Rhonda Chapman - my friend Elaine needs much prayer. God knows her needs.

Sammie Ernst - for Chase, that he realizes I did what I did for a reason, not because I didn't care and that we can stay friends.

Rachael Myers - Continue to pray for Rebecca McCord, she is still recovering from mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Pray for quick/easy recovery. She's had some complications and fever.

Nigel Mayard - Please pray for me to make the basketball team at my school.

Bart Hopper - Could you please continue to pray for my marriage. Pray for strength, courage and peace for me.

Georgia Barker - Just want to praise God for all He does, all the everyday miracles.

Christina Kimball - Kyle Maynard, Mission Kilimanjaro fundraiser & for me, job and ministry.

Donna Pieper & Keith Fleming - friend Mike Medlock, continues to battle pancreatic cancer and hoping new clinical study helps; Julie, as she battles lung cancer that she receives good update this week concerning her next step; daughter, Rachel, continues her search for employment.

Sherri Cooper - I will be traveling Monday to Deerfield Beach to pick up my son Jason who's been in rehab. Please pray for safety on the road and for all of the details to work out as we come here. He has been in rehab a total of 16 months. Especially pray that he has the right place he needs to live.

Anonymous - addiction

Kim Morrow - Please pray for my grandmother to find peace after the loss of my grandfather.

Paige Winn - Ian Hoskins, 6 month old baby in Vanderbilt, struggling to live. Pray for healing and wisdom for his parents to make decisions about his medical needs.

Sydney Tate - alcoholic uncle

Mike Stephens - our son Dylan

Chelsea Cannella - Pray for husband overseas, coming home soon for R&R, and that our marriage will stay strong and we will really realize that what we have is extraordinary and we won't just give up.

Allison Wortham - safe trip, flying by myself to LA and Vegas on Tuesday.

Patsy Gardner - My husband, recovering from hospital stay with DVT, blood clots in both lungs.

Adam & Jocelyn Wykoff - friend of family, Zeb Nix, was in serious accident and needs to be lifted with prayer.

Beth & TC Richard - Thank you for all your prayers for TC's mom. She passed away 2 weeks ago and has gone home and is no longer suffering. Please pray for our family during this difficult time.

Lisa Hollingsworth - Please continue to pray for my son Matt. Like the prodigal son, he is going against everything he has been taught. He's in law school at Penn State and satan is trying to take over. The temptation is rampant. Please pray that God will convict him to lead a godly life. He is saved, but drifting.

Jeanette & Terry Fowler - Please pray for my sister Linda. She is having an exploratory angioplasty tomorrow.

Mary Jo Sealock - Praise God for all the hard work and sacrifice invested in the re-launch and Kids Village. So thankful to Him that the next generations take precedent here.

Celeste Casco - for my former co-worker and mother of 3 with stage 4 breast cancer.

Received: October 17, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 8 times.

Daily Prayer Request 10/17/2011

Pray that God will work in the hearts of all the new visitors who came to Graystone yesterday and that they will grow in their relationship with God and get connected at Graystone

Received: October 17, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 14 times.


Please pray for my marriage. It is broken and in desperate need. We have 3 young children. Please pray for them also.

Received: October 16, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 8 times.


For me to aknowledge everyone who request my attention. Actually listen to peoples words (out of their mouth or on paper) and not replace them or delete them in my own head and move on to something or someone else.

Received: October 16, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 7 times.


I make correct job decisions

Received: October 16, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.

Daily Prayer Request 10/16/2011

Please pray that God would bring students from all over the community on the official launch of our new format and that God would use this night as a catalyst for growth throughout the student ministry.

Received: October 16, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 12 times.

Wendy Weaver

Please pray for a fellow teacher at J.C. Magill Elementary. She lost her 29 year old daughter yesterday, due to a complication with a surgery. This has been a rough year for her, as she lost her mother earlier this year. Pray for comfort and peace at such a horrible time.

Received: October 15, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Daily Prayer Request 10/15/2011

Pray that many unchurched people would show up tomorrow for the relaunch of Graystone Church.

Received: October 15, 2011

I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.

Daily Prayer Request 10/14/2011

Please pray for the 147 million orphans in the world and that God will lead many Graystone families to adopt or assist others with adopting orphans. Pray that our church will be a church that cares for orphans.

Received: October 14, 2011

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